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Server Education

Server Wine Courses

Our complete server wine education course has a five-part structure; each session comprises one part of the complete course. Each session is one hour of training with a half hour question and answer period that can sometimes go longer. Each participant should plan on a minimum of an hour and a half.

$25 per session per person

Participants do not need to take any previous class to participate in another.

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Available Sessions

Part 1 – Major Wine Growing Areas

Taste old world and new world wines, and learn about the regions in which they originate.

• Reading a wine label
• New World
• Old World
• Basic wine characteristics in reference to varietal and place

Part 2 - Wine Making Techniques

We’ll talk about the winemaking techniques and winemaker influence. We’ll also taste red and white wines that show examples of the following qualities.

• Mouthfeel
• Acidity
• Sugar
• Alcohol
• Aging

Part 3 - Let’s Sell Some Vino!

Let’s practice! Each participant will pick a bottle, sell, and serve it.

• Learning a restaurant wine list to the extent you are comfortable to recommend and sell.
• Identifying cork or tainted wine and what is protocol
• Basics for recommending wines
• Price Point
• Food Pairing
• Something you like and why
• Up-selling
• Laws regarding customers taking open bottles home
• What to do if a customer offers you a taste?
• Proper serving, the super simple way!
• Glassware
• Decant?
• Pouring… who, when, how much, what glass?

Part 4 - Basic Tasting

Go over basic wine varietals and taste Cabernet, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon

Questions Covered

• What is wine?
• How is it made? (basic table wines)
• Where is it from?

Basic History
• first wines made 3000 years ago in Prussia
• Early Europe and Catholic Church and land accession
• Missionaries in the New World
• European Classification System
• Prohibition
• Phylloxera

Part 5 - Specialty Wines

What about all those special wines like Champagne, Sherry, Ice Wine, Port and all the rest of
the wonderful world of specialty wines? Let’s taste them!

• Champagne; how its made and its difference to sparkling wine
• Dessert wines that are late harvest
• Dessert wines that are fortified
• Sherry & Medera
• Port
• Cognac

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