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In Home Education

Old World / New World

We categorize Old World wines as wines produced in Europe that are subject to DOC regulations. In other words, they have legal parameters that dictate varietal, place, sugar content, aging specifications, bottling specifications, labeling and more.

New World wines are produced anywhere else in the world and are typically not subjected to the same stringent regulations. That is not to say that some New World growing regions don’t have strict regulations, some do. But nothing to the extent the European growers and vintners are required to follow.

This tasting is an opportunity to taste wines that are made from the same grape variety and are similarly priced, one from the Old World and one from the New World. In other words, for an example, taste New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc next to Sancerre. We will discuss the
obvious differences and the more subtle similarities. We will also pair the wines with food and discuss our opinions and preferences.

This tasting is a very dramatic, hands-on, in your face tasting that really allows folks to experience terroir, tradition, food pairing and a clear expression of specific grape varietals. This tasting is a minimum of 6 people, and a maximum of 12. The tasting takes about two hours with questions and feedback.

This tasting is $60 - $80 per person, depending on wines selected. It includes food pairings, travel, and set-up. If glassware is needed, there might be an additional charge for clean-up.

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Regional Tastings

Italian Education

You pick a region in Italy and I will bring the wines as well as regional food pairings. It is always better, in my opinion, to include both white wines and red wines, but that can be your choice. If you’d prefer to travel through the country we can taste examples from several different regions in Italy and again, pair the wines with regional foods.

This tasting is a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12. The tasting takes about an hour with another half hour or so for dialog.

This tasting is $60 - $80 per person, depending on wine selection. It includes food pairings, travel, and set-up. If glassware needs to be furnished there could be an additional charge for clean-up.


French Education

France is very specific about what can be produced in that region. There is almost no crossover of varietals from region to region. In other words, if you want to taste Burgundy, the best way to do that is to focus on just Burgundy. The Cote’ D Or, Cote’ des Nuits, Chablis and maybe Beaujolais, but maybe the focus should be on price points. Or taste specific regional
styles. This is a wonderful food pairing opportunity.

France can also be a trip through the country, touching on the major wine growing regions and tasting wines that are fantastic examples of those regions without the fantastic price points. However, if you want to taste $300 Bordeaux, by all means, let’s do it! We can taste
Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne, or Loire, Rhone and Languedoc. The options are limitless.

This tasting is really dictated by wine price. But think $75 per person to start. Unless you’d like a tasting that really showcases value, then it will be substantially less.

This tasting is a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12. The tasting takes about an hour with another half hour or so for dialogue.


Wines from a Specific Region in the New World

Taste New Zealand wines, or South African, or say you are planning a trip to Mendoza in Argentina and would like some insight into what their wines are like and want to get off the beaten path.

How about a tasting of Oregon wines? Or maybe you’re planning a trip to Napa and want to understand the differences of local terroir. What are the differences between Mount Veeder, Spring Mountain, Rutherford and Howell Mountain?

Like all tastings, this is dictated by the wines selected. Again, they will be paired with food. Costs typically range between $60 - $75 per person.

This tasting is a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 12. The tasting takes about an hour with another half hour or so for dialog.

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Varietal Tasting

We will taste and compare six wines, all made from the same grape or grapes, from six different growing regions. Let’s say Cabernet is your grape of choice. We will taste Napa, Sonoma, Washington, Chile, Argentina, and Bordeaux. If Pinot Noir is your grape of choice let’s
taste Oregon, two very different regions in California, Italy, Burgundy and New Zealand.

Like all tastings, the price of the wines dictates the price per person. Food pairings are included and the tasting takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Look at $50 - $80 per person. Minimum of six people, a maximum of twelve.


White Wine Tasting

This is one of my very favorite tastings because most white wines produced in the world are a single varietal, not a blend. This is completely opposite from red wine where most are blends. This tasting will showcase the specific varietal and even more importantly the
winemaking techniques. Learn why you think you don’t like oak or sugar. You actually do and this tasting is the most obvious opportunity for you to experience these different components yourself.

Food pairings are included, minimum of six people, maximum of twelve. $50 - $75 per person.


Wine & Cheese Tasting

Just what it says. The best way to plan this tasting is to work from the cheese backward. Either find a region, say France, or the US and then pick the cheese you want to pair and I pick the wine.

This tasting requires a minimum of six people. I recommend a maximum of 12 if you want wine education during the tasting. THIS TASTING IS GREAT FOR PARTIES!! This is also one where I can work within your budget, make tasting notes, set up, and walk away. This is a very negotiable tasting.

There are many tasting options, but here are a few.
• Champagne
• Port
• Dessert wines
• Older vintage wines
• Component tasting and blend wines yourself
• Chocolate & Wine
• Wine 101..let’s start from the beginning

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